World Travel Portal

Our mission is to facilitate the opportunity for our travelers to get out into the world and explore, therefore bringing our global community together through experience and awareness. We would love to be traveling everywhere in the world with you in this given moment, therefore we offer you more choices as to where you may want to go and the possible opportunity to leave today! The best way for us to offer this is to work with like-minded organizations, thereby expanding our global reach in this very moment.

Global Soul Adventures traveled with a variety of like-minded groups during its creation. We have hand-selected groups in various places around the world whom we believe can offer you an exceptional journey.

How does this work?

It’s simple. You let us know where you want to travel. We work with you to help you select the best adventure. We then reserve a space for you and handle all of the paperwork through our organization… and you receive some additional benefits:

Balaeres Spain Baeleres Isles, Spain - June 23-30, 2009

Ibiza Spain Ibiza, Spain - September 1-9, 2009

Colorado Healing Waters Colorado, USA - October 2009

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