World Travel Consulting

Global Soul Adventures provides consulting services for everything from a few days of local travel to a year or more circuiting the globe.  We know and understand the thought and planning one endures when creating their journey – especially when it involves living on the road for multiple months or years consecutively, which can be quite a task!  Therefore we know how important it is that your time is spent enjoying your travels and not trying to deal with logistics and problems that can be addressed beforehand.  This, in turn, will not only save you your precious time and money, it will help to save you many unnecessary headaches.

With our consulting packages, you will receive:

Travel Consulting Packages

Global Soul Specific
If you have a chosen location, we will help you prepare.
Brief 30-minute consultation
Extensive 1-hour consultation

Global Soul Basic
A basic introduction for an international trip.
how to create it, based on where you want to go, and basic things to take into consideration.
30-minute consultation

Global Soul Facilitator
We take extra time to make sure that you have a deeper insight into what to expect and what to
prepare for when traveling internationally (usually for multiple weeks.)
1-hour consultation

Global Soul Multi-Month
A month or more perfect for those looking to embark on a journey through multiple areas.
3 1-hour consultations

Global Soul Around-the-World
There are two different ways in which you can travel around-the-world working or simply traveling.
We are happy to discuss both options with you and go though an extensive process of helping you to
prepare - creating goals and timelines, and providing additional assistance along the way as you are
preparing. We know this is quite the undertaking, and from our experience, we know how critical it
is to have as much information and planning tools as possible from the beginning. Additionally, we
know what it takes to resign from a job, sell your car, rent your home and eliminate most of your
responsibilities prior to commencing your trip of a lifetime!
Working your way
Only Traveling budgeting for being without work
5 1-hour consultations

Global Soul Group Style

A quick 30 minute consultation about different group options you may consider.
Hop on/off Backpacker Buses
Overland Journeys
Adventure Trips
Local Day Excursions
Yoga Retreats
1 30-min. consultation