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Eco-Adventure, Yoga, & more…

Global Soul Adventures offers you the opportunity to travel with us to select places in the world! We serve as your guide into these areas to create an exceptional hands-on experience with the local community…

Once we arrive to our destination, we work with the local people to facilitate our global adventure. We believe that they have the tradition, cultural wisdom and knowledge of the area to work together with us to provide you with the ultimate opportunity for a “total immersion” into your exploration experience!

Some of our adventures will include both eco-adventure and yoga combined, and others will offer one or the other. As we create our adventure itineraries, we incorporate a variety of activities that will offer you the opportunity to truly connect with the local environment. We may hike… we may dance… we may learn the local language/lingo… We invite you to look at our detailed itineraries to see exactly which activities we offer for the adventures you desire.

baby banana tree - thailand

Thai Cooking & Massage Eco-Adventure

Chiang Mai, Thailand

October 2010

sun moon lake - taiwan

Taiwanese Cylcing & Eco-Adventure

North, Central & Eastern Taiwan

late October 2010

blue mountains - australia

Eco-Adventture & Yoga Retreat

Sydney & Blue Mountains - Australia

early November 2010


Island Hopping Eco-Adventure

Bahía, Brazil

November 19-29,2010


One of the ultimate ways to truly get to know your ‘neighbors’ is to know your ‘neighborhood’! Eco-Adventures provide the best opportunity for travelers to set out into the local environment in a fun and enlightening way. We will offer a variety of eco-adventures in each place and provide you the opportunity to try these activities for the 1st time, or take your current level of adventure to the next if you so desire.

You will most certainly remember the local lake or river once you’ve paddled along it… or the local mountain once you’ve enjoyed exploring its trails… or the local waterfall once you’ve submerged yourself beneath it. To truly take to the land in a physical way will bring about an excitement and connection that cannot be achieved solely by stepping off a tour bus and clicking a photo… your memories from this experience will run far deeper – a “total immersion.” This is our goal… to provide you with a unique and rewarding adventure.


Yoga is defined as “union.” When we are present in the given moment, especially during a travel experience, the breath, feeling, and sensation are all heightened. From our personal experience, we at Global Soul Adventures know that yoga is the ultimate trail for connecting deeper with the local environment and people. Likewise, yoga synergizes the group dynamic and creates more of a flow between participants.

Additionally, yoga is congruent with eco-adventure and all activities within which we are involved. It is not just a physical flexibility… it is a flexibility in embracing new experiences too. We may flow into a variety of movements within each area we travel.

We work with leading yoga instructors from around the world, whom we personally know. Most of these instructors not only have their own yoga enterprise in their respective community, they are also actively involved with community events and creating a wide variety of unique programs throughout each year. Their passion, innovation and leadership is something that Global Soul Adventures considers to be of utmost importance in synergizing our yoga and eco-adventures.

Our Select Places

As we have personally traveled to various places around the world we have “hand-picked” places we feel offer the richest experience for our soul adventurers in the given moment. We trust that our deep connection with specific places in the world is representative of a profound connection that will exist between the groups we introduce to the area and the local community.

As we move forward in the future, we will be traveling to more and more places. These places will be visited once we trust that we can facilitate the quality of a Soul Adventure we desire for you. Like a tree… our branches will grow!

Each of our adventures is unique… In each place we travel we will partake in different activities and cultural experiences…. This, of course, is because no two places in the world are the same – therefore, we adapt our trips to each region in order to facilitate the most rewarding travel experience possible. This concept better suits our travelers and their local experience!

Upon arriving you will immediately have the opportunity to begin your immersion.