Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do you have any trips to (name a place)?
A.  If you do not see a specific location you are looking for listed under “Our Soul Adventures”, you are more than welcome to contact us via phone or e-mail, or simply fill out a request form under “Your Soul Adventures” and we will respond to you within 72 hours.

Q.  How physically fit do I need to be to enjoy the eco-adventures?
A.  We recommend that you have at least a basic level of fitness (ex:  walking at least 30mins/3 x week) so you can enjoy your journey, instead of survive it!  Our trips will consist of all different fitness and ability levels, so we coordinate on our end to cater to each person’s needs as best as possible.

Q.  Are the eco-adventures really challenging?
A.  It depends.  We like to mix in a variety of activities and on many of our trips, our more intense adventures will be during an optional time of the day – this gives you the freedom to choose whether you would like to stretch your “comfort zone.”

Q.  Do I need to know how to do yoga?
A.  Not necessarily. Depending on the instructor, we may have the flexibility to have 1st-time yogis with us.  Please ask us!  Yoga is all-inclusive… every single person on this planet can enjoy yoga, and in many different forms.

Q.  Do you travel to (name a place)?
A.  We travel to anywhere in the world.  We may not personally have experience in certain areas, and if such is the case, we will let you know this and will be happy to research the trip for you.  Through our extensive network of Global Soul travelers, we have access to information and personal insight on most every place around-the-world.

Q.  Do you handle flights?
A.  Global Soul Adventures currently does not issue tickets, however we work with travel agents and travel websites to research all internal (any flights necessary during one of our adventures) flight options for the group and make reservations ahead of time.  For your flights to/from the start/end of an adventure, you are responsible for the research and purchase. We can, and will, most likely recommend some places for you to look for tickets to help you out. One more side note, is for individuals or groups creating their own soul adventures, we will most certainly help you to research all of your flight options, if you like, as it is sometimes advantageous for us to book everything together.